A footprint of monumental architecture, a cultural and economic centre foreshadowing the urban renewal of the historic area "Darboussier", future town centre of Pointe à Pitre. A site affirming freedom against all contemporary forms of subjugation.

The Memorial ACTe is composed of several elements :

• A building housing a permanent and temporary exhibition space and related services. Organised around a central patio and a formal reception hall where visitors are invited to pursue personal genealogical research, the building boasts almost 2500 m² of exhibition space and offers other services such as a cafeteria, restaurant, shop, media library and research & utility areas.


• A second building, joined to the first one by a metal arch which will mark Commemoration Square, housing a multi-purpose room and a bistro restaurant overlooking the seafront. This conference and visual arts space, managed by Memorial ACTe, has a seating capacity to hold 256 people.


• These buildings cover a total surface of 7800 m² on a plot of 1, 2 hectares.


• A footbridge will link these two buildings to Morne Mémoire (Memory Hill), Darboussier, which has been transformed into a panoramic garden on a plot of 2,2 hectares.


Silver Roots
on a Black Box

This is how one can describe the Memorial ACTe architecture.


The black box houses a permanent exposition which represents, as such, foundations enriched with the knowledge of the past, upon which the collective memory will be constructed.


Similarly, the box pays homage to the numerous victims of slavery and the slave trade, its black, speckled quartz facade representing millions of lost souls.


This box constitutes the base of a root structure made from audaciously shaped silver latticework. The roots evoke the quest of origins and connote momentum, growth, movement radiating across the world and self-expression.







A Team, A project

and a scientific & cultural proposal.

The conception-programming realised in 2006-2007 and the scientific & cultural proposal accomplished with the Scientific Committee constituted the basis of the international bidding contest.


The winning consortium of the contest, chosen in December 2007, was :


• BMC Architecture Firm

Architects, mandatary / Dore Marton Architects

• Confino - Scenographer and museographer

Colorado Architecture Firm - HQE Architect

• BETCI - Encelad Group

BET Structure - FI Engineering - BET Waterways + Network

• TER Agency - Landscaper / 2AF Acoustic - BET Acoustic


The entire building will be an urban symbol, not only of Pointe à Pitre's seafront, but also of Guadeloupe by the sea and from the town. The project will be communicated through its architecture which will also play a symbolic role.


Memory inspires the future


Darboussier - Rue Raspail

POINTE-A-PITRE - Guadeloupe - FWI

Tél : +590 (0)590 25 16 00



Association des amis du Mémorial ACTe



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